New Patients/Newborns

Welcome to North Seattle Pediatrics!

Whether you are expecting a newborn, have recently moved to our area or are looking for a new medical home for your children, we are accepting new patients from birth to age 18. Established patients can be seen up to age 21.

We offer guidance and medical care for your child from birth.   If you deliver at Northwest Hospital, we will evaluate your baby in the nursery. Babies born elsewhere, we look forward to seeing him/her here for their first newborn visit. We then continue to care for your child through our scheduled routine well check-ups.

Well child check-ups provide a opportunity for monitoring growth and development in your child. They are also times for evaluating immunization status and the need for any vaccines. Scheduled check-ups serve as sports/camp physical exams as well.

We provide same day appointments realizing that illness is unpredictable. We manage minor injuries, including wound closure and splinting/casting.  X-ray and lab are available on site for older children age 6 years and above, for younger children we utilize the lab and radiology services at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

We have consultation visits for more medically complex and chronic issues lasting more than two weeks in duration.

To help prepare you for your first visit with us, the forms below can printed and completed prior to arrival.


Here is a glimpse into our office. We look forward to meeting you!


Our main entry

The waiting room and front desk

The main hallway

The front hallway.
The door at the end is our sick children’s entrance

One door past our main entry is the back entry, or the “sick children’s entrance”

Our treatment/procedure room

The back hallway

One of our 15 patient exam rooms

We have infant scales in most of our rooms