Updated June 24th: We have been provided a small allotment of Pfizer Covid vaccine for the 6 month up to 5 year age group. We are opening up some appointments. Please call to schedule. We ask that you do not call if your child has a well visit within the next 2 months or you have already scheduled a vaccine appointment at another institution. Also, we would like to remind you that this will be a Nurse/MA visit only. You will not be seeing your doctor. If there are any questions about the vaccine, please send a portal before the appointment day so your doctor or doctor’s staff have time to respond.


June 21, 2022

Seattle Children’s Hospital will start offering both Pfizer and Moderna vaccine (assuming availability) on their main campus for 6mo-5yr age group. AND Odessa Brown – Othello will start offering Pfizer only. Scheduling is through Seattle Children’s public portal: Seattle Children’s public portal COVID-19 Vaccines.

Other scheduling websites:,

Here at NSP, we are actively working on all the logistics to allow our clinic to vaccinate your child. At this time, we are not scheduling any appointments. When we have a confirmed supply of vaccine and a plan for the safest administration process, we will update our website and Facebook. Thanks for your patience.