Flu Vaccine Clinics


We have flu vaccine! This year we will have our flu clinics on Saturdays, starting September 23rd. We will offer some in the office and some drive through. In office hours will be between 9am-1pm and drive through hours will be 9am-12pm. Due to staffing limitations, we are unable to have any weekday flu clinics.  Please call for an appointment: 206-368-6080.

We do not know when we will get the updated Pfizer Covid vaccine. When we do, this will also be available for the in office clinics. Moderna Covid vaccine is not available.

Drive through is ONLY FOR THE FLU VACCINE.


Drive through flu clinics are back!

Here is some information to make your visit successful and safe.
Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time.

What to expect:
• Drive in our regular entrance and follow the North Seattle Pediatrics Flu Clinic signs. You will be greeted and asked screening questions. Then you will pull forward to the vaccine administration area.

Important Requirements:

  • OVER 3 YEARS: The shot will be given in the upper arm. Patient must wear a sleeveless or short sleeve shirt that allows access to their upper arm.
  • 6 MONTH to 3 YEARS: The shot will be given in the upper thigh. Patient must have easy access (shorts/dress) to the upper thigh closest to the car door.
  • PATIENT SAFETY: If your child is overly anxious or uncooperative it can create a safety concern. In this case, we will have you pull out of the drive through and park in a parking spot. After your child is settled you may pull back in line. If your child is still too anxious we will ask you to call our office to schedule an in office appointment.  206-368-6080.
  • TEENAGE DRIVERS COMING ALONE: After the vaccine is given, they will be directed to pull ahead and wait 15 minutes before driving away.
  • SEATING: The patients receiving the vaccine must be seated next to an accessible door. We will not be entering the vehicle to give any vaccinations. Older children, who are not in a car seat, may switch seats to allow access once the car is in park.
  • STAY HOME IF SICK: If you or your child has symptoms like fever, cough, congestion, loss of smell, etc. Cancel your appointment by calling 206-368-6080 or send a portal message prior to the appointment time.

• Vaccines given will be recorded in the patient’s Immunization Record.