Abdominal pain

For the safety of your family, this information is intended for use by North Seattle Pediatrics patients exclusively.

Severe abdominal pain, especially if accompanied by fever or vomiting, may be a sign of more serious illness such as appendicitis or urinary infection.

Call us now at 206-368-6080 if your child:

  • has severe abdominal pain that lasts longer than 4 hours
  • has severe pain and has fever or vomiting

Call us during office hours if your child:

  • has burning or pain with urinating
  • has reflux or heart burn symptoms
  • has pain that doesn’t go away in a few hours
  • has pain that is due to constipation (hard bowel movements) and you are not sure how to manage the constipation
  • has pain and you’re not sure what is causing it or how to manage it