For the safety of your family, this information is intended for use by North Seattle Pediatrics patients exclusively.

Constipation in infants and children refers to hard,dry, and painful bowel movements. Stools that are soft are normal, even if the frequency is days apart.

For toddlers and older children, constipation is very common and often causes abdominal pain. It can also become a long term condition if it is not recognized and managed. Constipation in children can often be relieved by increased amounts of water, fruits and vegetables in their diet. Certain fruits such as prunes, apples, and pears are especially helpful, as are whole grains.

We encourage you to make an appointment to discuss any constipation concerns that are not quickly resolved by dietary changes. Your child’s doctor can confirm the diagnosis, make more specific dietary recommendations and discuss whether or not stool softeners are recommended.

Call us now at 206-368-6080 if your child:

  • has severe pain that is constant and persists for more than 2 hours

Call us during office hours if your child:

  • is an infant under 4 months who has hard stools