Dr. Herb Hilgers

Dr. Herb Hilgers was one of the founding doctors of North Seattle Pediatrics. It was an honor to work with him. He will be missed.

Shared by Kryss Abreu Bywater 2/6/23: A week ago today, we lost one of this world’s best men, Herb Hilgers. It has taken me the past seven days of deep grieving to work up the emotional effort to post this tribute to my bonus dad. And oh, what an incredible bonus he was. Herb officially became my bonus dad in 1982 when he married my mom. From the very beginning, he loved and treated me as if I were his own child. Through his words and actions, he taught me how one should treat their life partner. He taught me what it meant to truly be selfless and non-judgmental. He taught me how to make the most of life by working hard but playing harder. He taught me how not to take this precious gift of life for granted. He taught me never to sweat the small stuff, and of course, it’s almost all small stuff. He had a profoundly positive impact on my children and helped to shape them into the incredible men they are now. Over the past week, I am humbled and touched by all of the beautiful messages of sympathy that have been sent our family’s way. Even people who met him only once have shared how he touched them in a positive way in a single encounter. The combination of his incredible intellect, gentle kindness, and wicked sense of humor were unsurpassed. The world is just a little less light without him in it. I take comfort in the precious memories that we made as a family, but I have to admit, the pain of missing him is felt deep in my bones.
Please click on the link above (the link is safe) to view the memorial video I put together that celebrates his life and the beautiful love story he and my mom created together.
Thank you to everyone who has sent their condolences, prayers, and thoughts to my mom, my brothers and me. Your words mean the world to us while we navigate through our grief.