To our patients and families,

As your medical home, we want to clearly state that we believe racism and inequality in all their forms are detrimental to all aspects of health.

We stand together to fight against racism, injustice and inequality, and we believe in equity and inclusion. We believe in providing the highest standard of medical care to all children and their families, regardless of the color of their skin, the language they speak, their gender or orientation.

We support the peaceful pursuit of justice and those who have made their voices heard across the country in recent weeks. These events deepen our shared commitment to protect, heal and support the most vulnerable among us. Our mission is a commitment to character, collaboration and connection to help this generation of children realize the promise of a better world.

Together, we must actively pursue our value of equity every day. We pledge to stand with the diverse communities that we are proud to serve.

From your physicians and team at North Seattle Pediatrics